What we believe in

As soon as we started, we wrote some things down to guide us through our mission statement then. Although they were just our conditional #rules anyway but gradually grew to become our philosophy eventually. We operate them internally everyday even with the people we serve because we hold them to be true to us. We do hope you will find them true too. However, as the goal post of our dream shifts, so do we.

#Rule 1: If we offer a solution as a package all else will follow.

Our organization is built around something we called solutions packaging. Everyone in the world is searching for something: something that will meet their needs, solve their problems or perhaps answer their questions. And that we recognize and focus on as a tech-company.

That can mean designing a new brand identity, creating a motion digital experience that will guarantee quick marketing lead, illustrating with graphics, writing contents that will take users through a journey, mapping data just to give you relevant information anyhow you want it and whenever you need it, assembling secured codes, building web apps that take users through a non-distracting journey into your business idea, mobile apps that meet a specific need or supporting you technically online and offline on the server just to guarantee you a maximum page-load. We bundle solutions as a package for the people we serve and when you need to power your idea with cut-edge technologies, we are your first point of contact in Nigeria.

#Rule 2 - If we embrace simplicity we will have the majority overtime.

In everything we do, less is more. Lengthy words, many colours or objects is always distracting and very unnecessary. Simplicity means one thing at a time, a journey in a moment and achieving that is a complete solution on its own.

Cloud Partners believes that design itself is first a message, second a world and finally a journey into that imaginary world of yours. That can mean content management for search engine optimization, less competing colors-combination that play together, minified codes to increase performance, creating a cloud presence for your businesses or perhaps a guarantee of our natural wiliness to go the extra miles for you when you need help.

Whether today or tomorrow, we put simplicity in perspective. That is why we confidently embrace simplicity and notably use it as our lifestyle in serving our client. With simplicity in mind, we believe we will retain our serving market, attract new market and ultimately we have majority over time.

#Rule 3 - If we become a help-desk we will become a household name.

People are looking for something - that can be information that will change their lives for good, something that will support their vision and help them build incredible dreams, something to help them gain market-lead and ultimately satisfy their customers better, something that can open them to new ideas and help them explore available opportunities; something that can help create a journey that will lead them to the world they always wanted to see.

We believe if we give helpful information and position ourselves as a resource center to the people that we serve, we will become first place of contact and household name over time. When they need help or information regarding what we do, they will always approach us first as a company. Cloud Partners relies on available technologies and you can be rest assured that we will be your help-desk always when you need it. Ask us a question today.

#Rule 4- To every dream we are a partner.

Cloud Partners is an idea of collaboration on every side whether that is near or far, internally or externally. We love what we do and we are always proud of them. We see every service we render as intellectual investments into the people that we serve; the partnership we always cherish and ultimately proud of in our portfolio too. We always looking forward to working with you.

We believe trust is capital and also the world currency anyday, anytime and anywhere. Hence, if we treat every client as partner we will end up building an empire of trusted and lasting relationships over time. Welcome and lets get started!

#Rule 5 - Invention is not always everyday.

Invention does not necessarily get its way into the human hands everyday but innovation does. We do not necessarily have to a create new identity all the time. Sometimes, all we do is just to turn old-fashioned crap into new creative and digital phenomenon through designs.

We believe in a situation where we cannot invent, we just innovate and when we cannot innovate, we just follow. It is because we always appreciate what has been done already and we keep our eyes on them. By leap and bound, we make sure we stay in contact with progress, change, reality, opportunities and technologies that is changing our world do fast for good .

#Rule 6 - Winning is our responsibility.

Somewhere behind the scene, we are building what is next for the people we serve whether that is in manual skills or digital, we do it here. We keep our eyes on tomorrow today. This means being able to see further over the horizon than others and creating things that are going to matter.

Cloud Partners is bunch of experienced and talented developers, digital designers and project manager pulling resources together to help people that we serve win and achieve their targets. As long as we believe that we are partner to the people we serve, then winning is our common and collective responsibility. Together we achieve more.

#Rule 7 - Any If there is anything we need to do to serve people better and we haven’t done it, it is because we have not known it yet. Just tell us and we will do it.

We believe we have a culture of sincerity to ourselves, curious and flexible enough to adopt a progressive measure. Yet we know we can not stop at our best, we have to keep our eyes on what matters. Our best solutions as a company is the next one that we are yet to do.

Every piece of information is important and very powerful without information we go nowhere. We love to find information as much as we love to give it too to the people that we serve. The next winning marketing idea or next creative designs can be information away. If there is anything we need to do to serve people better and we haven’t done it, it is because we have no known it, just tell us and we will do it. Hence, As goal post of our vision.


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