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Here, you will discover our curiosity, the dreams of people we serve and the amazing technologies changing our world so fast every day. They are the constant forces that have brought us here through time.

Sticky-dream chaser began

In the year 2001, the sticky-dream chaser, ‘Dayo Greats began a chase to see what was behind the amazing and displaying computer in front of him for the first time in his entire life as a non-scientist. His curiosity led him to chase answers through rough routes and eventually, he found a dream for tomorrow today.


By 2009, he had already found the processes behind webpage as a self-thought web designer. He then started DreamPages, a web-design outfit with a mission "to create online presence for businesses". From there, he met other dreamers that stuck together and the journey of our company began.

The definition for change

In 2011, ‘Dayo Greats somewhere and somehow, once described the word “technologies” as “us” - be it our dreams, imaginations, business, education, even our faith , technologies can power everything. Since he spoke those words, the force of what he said has remained with us for good. From there, a new company, Cloud Partners Limited was born with a new identity that truly reflects who we are; his definition.

Cloud Partners: A rebirth

November 16, 2013, Cloud Partners was registered and incorporated as a limited liability company with a million shares capital in Nigeria. Ever since then, Cloud Partners has grown to offer more services beyond basic web design to digital designs, web and mobile apps; cloud services and web supports. Every member of our work-force is a Clouder.

Tomorrow . Today

Our slogan and message is Tomorrow . Today. It's all about building tomorrow today, creating the future possibilities in the present. Whatever that means to you, we are building what is next. Whether that is in digital or manual skills, we do it here!

Cloud Facts
2009 as Dreampages
Cloud Partners
Definition of 2011
November 16, 2012
Harmony Estate, Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria